The function of GC - Great Calcium


                                           GC is not like an ordinary fertilizer. It is so unique.

                                           Because, GC has 3 primary functions.


                                           1st is as soil conditioner.( Pang soil conditioner )

                                           2nd is as activator of resistance of plants.( Pang lakas ng katawan )

                                           3rd is as fertilizer.( Pang pataba )


Pang Soil conditioner

PH level of GC is neutral(PH7). Therefore, PH level of soil does not reach to alkalinity area.It mean GC provides a suitable soil acidity for many crops.

Pang Lakas ng katawan

The GC is primarily composed of calcium and sulfur. Its contained calcium strengthens cell structure and prevent illness to the plants.


Pang Pataba

The GC is best source of calcium for growing plants.Its calcium makes the stem and leaves strengthen and thicken.




             The GC makes improvement of constitution,

             quality improvement, seasoning improvement,

                 the freshness maintenance of the crops better.